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Satiated Episode 135: People Pleasing is Feeding Your Emotional Eating. It's Time to Put Yourself First

August 13, 2022 Stephanie Mara Fox Season 3 Episode 135
Satiated Podcast
Satiated Episode 135: People Pleasing is Feeding Your Emotional Eating. It's Time to Put Yourself First
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Show Notes

Happy Satiated Saturday! 

I would really like to say I'm a former People Pleaser, but that would just be a big lie. Instead, I would like to say that I've come to know the People Pleaser part of me and what they believe they would get from pleasing someone else. 

There are a lot of reasons why people pleasing tendencies can get cultivated. It can be a response to trauma that gives you some sense of control that if you can make everyone happy you won't be abandoned or harmed. It can be a response from what you learned from those around you that it's the "norm" to put everyone else before yourself. It can be learned from your culture and fears around being viewed as selfish. 

By saying yes to everyone else though, this can increase patterns of binge eating and emotional eating as food comes in to finally put yourself first. Food may be the only place you feel comfortable putting yourself first. To alter these food behaviors, your relationship with No and setting boundaries needs to be healed.

In this week’s episode, I chat with Suzanne Culberg, who is a Nope Coach, about how over-giving can lead to over-consumption. We explore what small steps anyone can take to begin to put themselves first so that food comes in less to do that for you. 

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With Compassion and Empathy, 
Stephanie Mara Fox

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